Hello! My name is Ilayda.
I'm an XR developer in San Francisco.

VR Projects

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    Unity Shaders | PBR, Water, Opacity

    For the last six months I started to work on shader writing in Unity. The thumbnail shows a custom PBR shader from a likeness project.

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    HOOP | Crossplatform Online VR

    This is a cross-platform multiplayer game project that works with Oculus Rift and Vive. The game design is a mixture of Quidditch and Basketball. The goal is to finish all the hoops on the scene before your opponent.

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    Spiders Everywhere | Oculus Shooting Game

    This is a shoot them up VR game that can be played in Rift and Oculus GO. There are four levels in total which the hardness level increases.

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    Architectural Visualization Test | Protoyping in Vive

    This project was made to explore non-gaming experiences in VR. I wanted to show how the virtual reality can be used in architectural projects to show underlying structure.

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    Quest in Sea | Platformer Game Test in VR

    This one week project was made to explore the usage of gamepad in a seated Oculus VR experience. In this VR platformer game, the player needs to get the Viking to his pirate ship by completing different levels.

AR Projects

Game Projects

About Me

I am an XR developer and a technical artist with a big passion for immersive technologies.I have a background in Architecture which gives me a deep understanding of 3D space and immersive environments. I am very passionate to create new experiences and explore mixed reality technologies.

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